1. Hello world!

Welcome to An Ethical Island!

An Ethical Island was birthed after teaching the same course the same way for too long.  I have decided to try a new way. And, I am inviting you along with me to see how I survive the Island I have created in Humanities 110: Ethics.


There are a group of islands in the ocean that have been abandoned. Each of you will inhabit the islands, with your classmates, for the next 10 weeks. Once you have chosen which island to inhabit, you will create  a code of conduct (AKA Ethics Code) for your island. This will describe proper behavior for anyone who lives on or comes to your island. Additionally, your island is a part of a group of islands that have decided to unify. You will also need to create a charter for these islands (later in the course). Throughout the course, your island must work as a group to accomplish all tasks within the course and ultimately be The Most Ethical Island…


Islanders will each elect an Ethic’s Officer for their group. This ethic’s officer will help lead and guide the island into becoming the most ethical island in the region.


 The islands will face many challenges. They will be forced to make difficult decisions and use difficult ethical theories. These challenges will lead to points (grades) being awarded. You must choose to act ethically or  unethically.


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