#16 Week 6: Virtue

This weeks challenge was a Scavenger Hunt. The team to get back first won the Most Ethical Island Award (because all other points were tied). They could text the image, email it, or bring it to me and show me.

Here is the Challenge:

  1. take a photo of a person who exhibits arete
  2. take a photo of a person exhibiting Phronesis
  3. take a photo of a person exhibiting eudaimonia
  4. Find a picture of the person credited with character/ Virtue ethics. (hint: this man was a student of Plato)
  5. Find a vice
  6. Capture a virtue occurring
  7. do a virtuous deed- get a picture
  8. take a photo of a person caught in a vice
  9. ask a person to describe virtue (get evidence)
  10. ask a person t describe what vice means (get evidence)

Here is a sample of what they sent me (a vice):

Interesting occurence:

The team to win the most Most Ethical Island Awards does not have to take the final…

The night class has 5 teams. 1 team rarely comes to class (2 members). Of the other 4 teams the standings before this challenge were: Cyber (1), MA’s (2); 3 Guys (2); Smiley’s (0).

There are 3 challenges left. They realized that if each of the teams ended up with 2 Most Ethical Island awards there would be a 4 way tie for 1st place and no one would have to take the final… I will let you know how it goes!

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