Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Gandhi… Were these people really altruistic or were they displaying the ethical theory of egoism? Well, Challenge #7 was to put one of them on trial and find out. The class was divided in 2- one for altruism and one for egoism. There was a lot of research involved and the teams didn’t complete the challenge in 1 class. Next week when they come back we will try Mother Teresa (night class’ choice) and Michael Jackson (day class’ choice).

The Challenge:

Mother Teresa On Trial: Altruism or Egoism

  1. What is Altruism?
  2. What is Egoism
  3. Find a truly altruistic person
  4. Put them on trial
    1. Background
  5. Altruistic
  6. Egoistic
  7. Present
    1. Opening argument
    2. Direct examination
    3. Cross examination
    4. Closing argument
      1. Who is it? (add picture)
      2.  What are they known for?
      3.  What makes them virtuous and altruistic?
      4. What do people say about their altruistic ways?
    1. Prove their acts are altruistic
    1. Prove their acts are egoistic

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