Business Law Day 3

(note: links will not work. This is a sample from my Moodle course)

Tort Law

  • Ultimate goal for this class-Explain Torts Law through:

    • Learning about Negligence, Strict Liability, and Intentional Torts.
    • Understanding the elements of each cause of action (assault, battery…) this is done by bringing flashcards, highlighting the elements in the book, sticky noting the book where the causes of actions are.
    • Be able to apply the elements in a given case/ situation.
  • Pre-Class Activites:

  • Task #11 Legal Disaster Strikes

  • Your Company figures out how to rent an office building and moves in. You are in the building for 3 months when a new deliveryman comes to your office. He has several boxes to deliver, but tells you the elevator is not working. You think, “That’s odd. I just came up it this morning.” You tell him he could use the staircase, but you don’t know where it is because you have never used it. The deliveryman proceeds to carry each box up the staircase. He drops off the first box and says, “Boy, that stairwell is awfully dark. I hope I don’t hurt myself.” You nod and think little of it. A few minutes later you hear screaming and someone runs in yelling, “Call 911, someone just fell down 5 flights of stairs!”

    Later that week you find out that the delivery man was seriously injured in the the stairwell and is suing you, your company, and the landlord for negligently maintaining the stairwell.

  • Read about Strict Liability, Intentional Torts, and Negligence in your book (LBS pages 257-293) and Watch the following videos.

  • In-Class Activities:

  • Task #12: Working through the IRAT and GRAT

    Take the IRAT on your own. Then, work together to take the GRAT

  • Work as a team to answer all the GRAT questions. Use the discussion board to discuss answers before you mark them.

  • Hidden from students:

    Task #13: Smoking

Business Law Day 2

(note: links don’t work. This is a sample from my Moodle Course)

Business Corporation

  • Pre-Class Activites:

  • Complete Task #6 and then reply to the discussion issues posed.

  • In-Class Activities:

  • Task #7: Legal Disaster Strikes

  • The corporation has filed its Articles of Incorporation with the appropriate office. You are awaiting confirmation from the State Corporation Commission (SCC) about whether everything was done correctly. An officer of the corporation (the COO), has found an office building to lease at a rock bottom price. The COO does not consult the Board or any other Officers and goes ahead and signs the lease on behalf of the Corporation. He also writes a check off his personal account for the first month’s rent.  Later, the other members learn that the building is infested with rats and mold and cannot be used for their intended purpose- as the corporate headquarters. Can the company get out of the lease? Did the COO bind the corporation by signing the lease agreement? What personal liability does the COO have? Is it his fault?  How can the company get out of this?

    To figure out this problem watch and read the following resources along with any other resources you find:

    Read: LBS  pages 354-370 AND watch the following videos

Task #8 Assessment

Transforming an Entire Department- The Problems

Problem #1

The Arts and Science’s Department is staffed almost entirely with adjunct professors. Many are fully committed to their courses, but are stretched with other teaching commitments.

Problem #2

I am teaching 5 courses this term. This means I do not have the time commitment to follow through on training the adjuncts in team learning approaches, so I am guessing many have fallen back into their old habits.

Problem #3

I encouraged each adjunct to explore a different team learning technique- team based learning collaborative, service learning, game-based, problem- based…

Business Law Day 1

Day 1 I was out of town and asked my colleague to step in. He did an awesome job and followed my script perfectly. I usually script less so the class can form into their own identity, however the first 2 weeks were heavily scripted due to my absence.

Here is my directions copy and pasted from Moodle (note- many of the links will ot work because they are housed in Moodle):

Week 1

Introduction to Business law

  • Welcome!

    I am sorry I cannot be with you this week, but Prof. N will guide you through the first class. This course will be an intersection between law and business. Your grade will be made up of how well you know the Learning Outcomes (found in the syllabus). This will be assessed through many cases and activities your corporation will deal with. The goal of the first class is to teach you how to set up a legal entity, aka a Corporation- for profit or not-for-profit. Once your team’s corporation is established, legal disasters will begin to strike. Your board of directors (you and your teammates) will strategize how to solve these legal disasters each week and decide whether the corporation should go to court, mediation, arbitration, or negotiate a settlement.

    Welcome aboard and Good Luck!

  • Pre-Class Activites:

  • Normally, before you come to class there will be several resources for you to explore to introduce you to the topic of the week. Please use these resources to be completely prepared for the legal disaster that will strike. The class time is used to solve the problem. This means you will be responsible for a considerable amount of background knowledge gathering. Directions and links will appear here and be in the form of articles, laws, videos, websites, and use of your textbook. To assess whether you prepared effectively for class, an individual test will be given (AKA IRAT) at the beginning of each class. Once the individual test is taken, a second test will be taken with your corporate team (AKA GRAT). The GRAT enables the team to synergize their knowledge and form a more complete picture of the legal issues needed to solve the legal disaster.

  • In-Class Activities:

  • Task #1: Library Tour, Books, Moodle

  • Task #2: Build a Team

  • Your task is to Build a team and accomplish the following as a team.

    1. Form: Organize your tables and form a team. Ideally we would like 4-5 people per team. But, if there are 6 people in the class, form 1 team.
    2. Probe: Work as a team to complete the Nuclear Holocaust: Who Should Survive team building exercise (upload response to moodle).
    3. Learn: Read the Boardroom document to learn the course story.
    4. Organize: Create a Company name and identity (who is the company and what will your company do). Define each team member’s role in the Company. What type of corporation will you form (non-profit or for-profit).(upload response to moodle)
  • Task #3: What Shall We Learn

  • Use a blank poster paper and markers or use a PowerPoint document to brainstorm and draw the following answers with your team. Upload the final document to Moodle or put it on my desk.

    Part 1: Course Content

    1. What do you think you will learn about in Business Law?
    2. What do you want to learn about Business Law?
    3. What do you already know about Business Law?

    PART 2: Learning Outcomes

    1. Look at the Syllabus
    2. What are the “Learning Outcomes?”
    3. Highlight them.
    4. What does this mean?
  • Task #4: Grades

  • Choose Your Own Grade

    1. Look at the “Grade Check List
    2. Read the Rules below
    3. Talk to your team and decide what you think the breakdown of grades should be.
    4. Send 1 representative to the center of the room to negotiate with other teams (if there are other teams).
    5. Upload the final decision in a Word document here.
      • You must give each category at least 10% of the final grade.
      • The total is out of 100%
      • You have 5 categories: IRAT, Team RAT, Discussion, Professionalism, Activities
  • Task #5: Incorporate Your Business

  • Use the following flow chart and website links to complete the Articles of Incorporation for your company. Upload the “Articles” to Moodle. Hold off creating Bylaws until I return.

  • Read the Laws/ Know the Law:

  • Decide whether your team wants a “stock corporation” or a “nonstock corporation”:

  • Check to see if your name is “distinguishable”:

  • Create your articles of incorporation- stock or nonstock
  • Task #6: Law and Ethics (introduce for next week)

    • Read the article Is CEO Compensation Justified by Performance?
    • How much would you pay each of the officers of your company?
    • Be prepared to justify each salary based on the article you read
    • Present your findings through the Discussion board below.