Business Law Day 3

(note: links will not work. This is a sample from my Moodle course)

Tort Law

  • Ultimate goal for this class-Explain Torts Law through:

    • Learning about Negligence, Strict Liability, and Intentional Torts.
    • Understanding the elements of each cause of action (assault, battery…) this is done by bringing flashcards, highlighting the elements in the book, sticky noting the book where the causes of actions are.
    • Be able to apply the elements in a given case/ situation.
  • Pre-Class Activites:

  • Task #11 Legal Disaster Strikes

  • Your Company figures out how to rent an office building and moves in. You are in the building for 3 months when a new deliveryman comes to your office. He has several boxes to deliver, but tells you the elevator is not working. You think, “That’s odd. I just came up it this morning.” You tell him he could use the staircase, but you don’t know where it is because you have never used it. The deliveryman proceeds to carry each box up the staircase. He drops off the first box and says, “Boy, that stairwell is awfully dark. I hope I don’t hurt myself.” You nod and think little of it. A few minutes later you hear screaming and someone runs in yelling, “Call 911, someone just fell down 5 flights of stairs!”

    Later that week you find out that the delivery man was seriously injured in the the stairwell and is suing you, your company, and the landlord for negligently maintaining the stairwell.

  • Read about Strict Liability, Intentional Torts, and Negligence in your book (LBS pages 257-293) and Watch the following videos.

  • In-Class Activities:

  • Task #12: Working through the IRAT and GRAT

    Take the IRAT on your own. Then, work together to take the GRAT

  • Work as a team to answer all the GRAT questions. Use the discussion board to discuss answers before you mark them.

  • Hidden from students:

    Task #13: Smoking

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