Business Ethics, Class 6

Corporate Culture and the Role it plays in Ethics

Part 1:
Research Google, Starbucks, and Cummins

  • What’s their Corporate Culture?
  • How Does CC affect their ethics?

The Company:

  • Create a Corporate Culture
  • Decide how to implement the CC
  • Tie CC to ethics

Business Ethics, Class 5

Research Company CEO’s

  • Christopher Begley of Hospira Inc.
  • Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Tyco

What makes them good or bad ethical leaders?

  • What is their leadership style
  • What are their leadership habits?

The Company’s CEO

  • Find and recruit a CEO for The Company.
  • What makes him/her good or bad ethical leaders?
  • What is their leadership style?
  • What are their leadership habits?

Business Ethics, Class 4

The In Class Activity should take the entire class time. Here is the plan:

List shared values of the company.
Create a plan of action to deal with the Feeding Team and any future issues.
Write a letter of apology to the stakeholders.
Create a PR campaign to deal with the fall out.

Business Ethics, Class 2

Each week the students will do intensive study of a facit of ethics. The students will then come to class, take a short quiz (usually in the form of a mind map), review the information, and use the bulk of their time solving the ethical issues that arise in The Company. Each class meets once a week for 4 hours. There is an online discussion component each week. The online component will utilize Babson College’s Giving Voice to Values curriculum. Through the discussion board the students will learn how to have a voice. Through the class, the students will learn how to put their newly found voice into action.

Here is the main activity for Class 2:

Develop the story more.

  • What type of company is it?
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Why do we care?

Work through the Monsanto and PETCO case studies.

  • What did Monsanto do wrong?
  • What did PETCO do right?

Develop a plan to address stakeholder dissatisfaction for The Company

Business Ethics, Class 1

Sample (what I think I am going to do the first day) Day 1

The Story:

You have recently been hired as an Ethics Officer at a large publicly held corporation. You have joined the Ethics Team to help a troubled company work through ethical issues. The Virginia corporation had the number 1 sales position 3 years running in its industry. Last year several ethical debacles occurred and as a direct result the company has lost a substantial part of its market share. Your job is to evaluate the companies ethics policy, work through the company’s past debacles, prevent and deal with current debacles, and improve the company’s ethics program.