More on Being a 21st Century Educator

What is all the buzz about 21st Century educating? I think it is more than just using technology in your classroom- though that is lots of fun.

In 1995, I was a part of a research team that was integrating technology in the classroom to teach energy in the human body. We had video cameras, simulation programs, and a whole host of other instructional technology. The teachers were scared back then, as they are now. The school district was the worst in Massachusetts and educators were giving up on these “at-risk-students.” But, they performed just as good as the other school districts. Why? Because we integrated lots of learning tools and we believed in them. Technology allows us to do so much more. It allows us to empower students to learn in ways in which they are already familiar.

BUT, Being a 21st century educator is more than simply using technology in the classroom.  It is also about the student. It is about empowering the student to reach higher than we ever could in the past. It is about empowering students to learn from others around the world, from primary sources, and from amazing teachers.

So, here are some more ideas on morphing…

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31 thoughts on “More on Being a 21st Century Educator

    • No. I created it. I use a plain infographic template from Piktochart and use the research data I have collected over the last 18 years in education.

    • Just saw it. Kind of makes it sound like Ed tech made it. Hmmmm…. I guess I need to pull my lawyer card. Kind of comes in handy in times….
      Hey, guys, I am completely open to sharing, but don’t you think I should get some credit?
      Have a good Sunday!

    • We (we are a group of teachers in Mexico City) liked the article and found it interesting. We do realize that some things are not applicable to our own school, since we, for example, are not allowed to contact our students’ family members for any school matter. Talking about Facetime or Skype calls, there’s also the human nature factor: you never know when somebody from another country and culture, with another mentality or set of ethics can react to something one of my students might say. On the other side of the coin, you also never know if a student is going to flip out and make the school look bad. Our students are not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but human nature is, after all, human nature.

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  5. Hi Mia

    I loved this post – it is an excellent aide-memoir for any teacher for any teacher making learning viatl and engaging. I am from the UK and it is as relevant here as anywhere.
    I have posted this on my blog
    Thanks for the posts and your pinterest account is a wealth of ideas!!!

    Evan Pugh
    Torquay Academy

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  12. Hi, Mia, I don’t know much about technology but I know that I want to share these with our readers, mostly teachers. I edit the education section of our daily newspaper. May I share this in print, with credit to you? Thanks
    — Chelo

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  15. Thank you for sharing your point of view. We think there are a lot of great ideas that are good for us to reach the goal of being a 21 century teacher. You showed us the path we have to follow.

  16. I think it is quite interesting to look for interaction with the educational community to acquiring more alternatives for teaching. The technology helps us to do this in a faster and easier way.

  17. It called my attention the part where teachers have to link the generated knowledge with other parts in the world.

  18. It’s true. Teaching is more than using technology in the classroom: we need to break the barriers, modify paradigms, cross the limits and leave behind old and traditional frontiers.

  19. It’s interesting the idea that we need to interact with other teachers around the world and let our students broad their vision about what’s happening around the world.

  20. Teaching in the 21st century is to commit ourselves with this technological change we are living and with our students.

  21. We liked a lot your article. It is gong to be very useful for all of us. Our students are changing and we canto stay behind.

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  25. This was an excellent reminder of all that 21st century teaching requires. Often teachers automatically think technology, which is important, but I like the way that this article stresses other aspects, particularly that of global thinking. Excellent visual as well.

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