17 thoughts on “Let’s Collaborate!

  1. I would love to see an affirmation of teachers work. 27 things you didn’t know a teacher does. 27 things you need to thank a teacher for. Your infographics have been put up in my office and inspire the staff I work with. They can look at them for inspiration when they’re stuck on different things. How can I get students to participate today? What is a strategy I haven’t used before.

    • Thanks! Yes! Let’s do it. My 27 things are usually verbs and then I add a little explanation, but leave it vague enough for personal interpretation as well. Some have liked it vague, others want a hyper link to more info. Got any ideas on those 27 things? I can just ask teachers, too.

  2. How about 27 ways to greet your students in the morning (or after recess, etc)
    Or 27 things to notice about your students

    • I like it! How do you greet? I was thinking the other day, how do I relate to my students? They have such a different life than I had.”

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