Where is your classroom?

Another “What if” video by Epigogy, Inc.


Epigogy, Inc. Launch

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HI Everyone!

I am excited to announce that Epigogy, Inc.  launched today.

Epic + Pedagogy= Epigogy

We have been working hard the last several months to build our team and clearly map out our mission.

We had our first board meeting last week and are now official!

What are we doing and why?

The purpose of Epigogy, Inc is to provide cutting edge guidance and training to leverage current research and technology to enhance learning at all levels. 

Educators (K-12 and higher ed) and corporate managers tell us that they want to implement sound pedagogy, but they either don’t have the time or don’t know how to begin the process.

They just don’t know where to start.

BUT, We do! We love teaching the teacher, Guiding the leader, and listening for solutions. The solutions are much closer than many realize.

Over the last year our team has been training a department how to implement gamification across the curriculum… and it worked!

Students are more engaged and instructors like going to class.

It is exciting to see lost teachers have “Ah-Ha” moments.

Our newest project as an official Epigogy team.

The project is a hybrid, blended learning project entitled:

Enhancing Learning Through Curatr, a Social Learning and Game Theory Platform

We are presenting the workshop at the Lily Conference .

We Need Your Help!

We are looking for schools to partner with and revolutionize how they teach the students of the future.

Do you know a struggling school that needs guidance to turn it around?

A teacher who wants to use sound pedagogy, but just needs a little help in the classroom?

A team that seems to be lagging and needs an epic ignition?

Check out the website… Epigogy.org and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Epigogy



Crowdsourcing Challenge


Students were asked to find out what people think about Egoism. Do people think they are selfish? Do they think they can be or should be selfish?

Each group asked 50 people. They then presented the information on a poster. Students then voted (with sticky notes) on their favorite.


Business Ethics Final Project

We are coming to the end of my undergraduate business ethics course. I love teaching ethics, but business ethics is always a hard course to teach. This is mostly because the field is split on whether we attempt to create ethical business people or give themthe tools to stand up for ethical behavior. However, the course has gone well and this is the culminating project I am giving them.