Mentoring New Teachers

I was playing around with the infographic and thinking about life. One thing that keeps coming up in conversations I have is about new teachers. A friend has a new teacher in her classroom doing his student teaching. So, we got on the subject of student teachers and what would make them great teachers. The most common thing teachers (higher ed and K-12) keep saying is that they don’t have a really good mentor. Many feel like they are thrown into the deep end and asked to swim.¬† I guess that is really the issue in ever field, not just education. But, this was a fun infographic with a few things I thought might help. OF COURSE, there is so much more.

Do you like my little creatures?



From Professional to Professor

The training for college instructors differs from other teaching professions. College educators often come to the classroom as expert professionals. They come with a wealth of knowledge from the field and little understanding of pedagogy. This is a primer for those college instructors, simply a starting point.



Playing Around with Go!Animate

Playing around with Go!Animate. I might ask my students to use this one week for a challenge.


Flipping the Classroom Short First+Day+Teaching by mmacmeekin

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Clickable Gagne’

Check out for clickable infographics. I love infographics. Now, I love them even more… Why? Because I can add links in the infographic. Check it out!



Gagne's 9 Events in Instruction



Learning Outcomes: It’s a Known Destination

Learning Outcomes

What are they and why do we need them? Well, I think of learning outcomes as a destination. Think of your students getting on an airplane. You are going to pilot the airplane to a destination. What is the first question they are going to ask?

“Teacher, Where are we going?” And, what is the second question? “What are we going to do there?”

How do you answer these questions?

How many people do you know who get on an airplane and have no idea where they are going, why they are going there, or what they will do once they get there?

LearningOutcomesClick on the Picture for more clickable information!