Great Ideas

There is so much talk about the future of education- what will  it look like, what should we teach, should we teach, should we content curate, should we guide… the topics are endless. But what is common in all these conversations is that students need to be able to think. They need ideas.  What will students do with ideas if they combine them? What will education look like in the future? Will it look like raindrops falling through cyber space filling up our world? Will we be able to contain it?

I really don’t know the answer, but here’s how I envision the future of education…


How do you capture great ideas from your students? What do you do with them?

Stay tuned for ideas filling up the graphic…


3 thoughts on “Great Ideas

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  2. When my students come to class we usually spend a few minutes talking about what they have been doing. And sometimes a movie they have watched, an article they have read, or just a TV show they have watched triggers some questions. I encourage them to brainstorm them and I can either come up with a lesson plan based on their reflections or I might ask them to do some research to try to answer their questions. On following class, I simply ask them What have you learnt about …?
    My students generate great ideas, the challenge is to encourage them to be more autonomous, must admit they tend to expect to me to lead the way.
    I wonder if this has to do with the fact they are adults, with a busy life or just a process fossilised by my over protecting practice.

    • Sounds exciting! I see students at different places all the time. In my graduate classes, they tend to be more self motivated and driven. The students with more experience being creative are more willing to take risks, too. They are willing to share something out0of0the0box, as well. I struggle with this, too. In a class I am teaching now we have 2 groups forming (not physically, but mentally)- those that go out and gather and bring back amazing videos, articles, creative projects and experiments, and such. While the other group wants to be told exactly what to do. And when they do come back with content, it’s a little less critically thought out. I am trying to bring them both to a level that they drive each other and inspire each other. If you have any tips that work, let me know.

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