RSCON4 Presentation PowerPoint (yes I am using a ppt…)

I have been busy adding lots of new infographics to go along with my RSCON4 presentation- The Power of the Educational Infographic.

Here’s the whole presentation.

The Recorded Presentation

RSCON4 Presentation PDF
Power of the Educational Infographic

See you Friday or watch the recorded video of RSCON4 later.


Bloom’s Blooming Taxonomy

How do we learn?

Bloom and friends suggest it’s in an order. I think my learning might be a bit more chaotic… but they are the experts. This order begins with the simplest behavior and then moves to the more complex. I think of it as a tree that grows. We start off at the bottom of the tree with the new shoots, and then move up to the fully formed peaks. Coupled with other research, it gives educators a starting point to help scaffold.

Blooms Taxonomy