I would like to say that my 4 children inspire creativity in me more than anything else. I admit that the ocean is a close second, but my children are inspirational.
The current inspiration is my (almost) 16 year-old’s gingerbread house. It took me 15 years to perfect this. It took her minutes…. Iove you, baby girl!

20131202-211711.jpg and… My awesome hubby took this picture!

4 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. All of my favorite infographics have been ones you have created! I am a technology coach, and would like to help my teachers create their own infographics. If there is any tips or tricks you have please share them. Thank you for the great resources.

    • Thanks so much! I need to get back into it. I have been so distracted with Augmented Reality lately.
      I would love to share anytime! If you want to do a Google hangout or Skype, let’s do it!

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