The First Day of School- A Teacher’s To-Do List

Here is a group of infographics that relate to your first day of each teaching term. They are mostly the ones I work through within the beginning weeks of classes. I have included the QR codes for each so you can find them easily. The five things I do at the beginning of each term is Greet students, Set the rules, Team build, Grab or Gain their attention, and Assess prior knowledge.


Let the Students Set the Rules

Is this a crazy idea? I have found it very effective. I usually spend a substantial amount of time the first class creating rules with the class. It starts the students thinking , bonding, and taking responsibility for their own education. I love it.


Transforming New Faculty

More and more higher education organizations are using experts from the field to teach college courses. The experts have a passion for their industry and profession. Sometimes this passion does not translate into good teaching. I am working on a new training series that seeks to both identify the issues, describe the players, and train the new faculty experts. This is the overview infographic. The series is also part of a larger training curriculum to transform the learning experience in college classrooms.

Stay tuned for infographics on each of the 10 topics and the training curriculum.


Reflective Practice- Are you Doing it?

Reflective practice occurs when teachers step back and evaluate the learning environment. The teacher looks at himself or herself. They ask, “How can this be better?” They identify what went right or wrong. It occurs both during the learning events and after.


Encouraging a Team Working Environment- Updated

Ways to put an end to the Red Pen mentality in education.

What is Red Pen mentality? It is one of those people always walking around pointing out the flaws and never having a solution. Or…

Often in education, and in other team work environments, team members are quick to criticize. Team members either prefer their way or are insecure about their way. The easiest response is to point out the flaws of others, to gossip, or engage in other destructive behavior. This breaks down the team and destroys the cooperative environment. Here are some ways to avoid the Red Pen Mentality.


27 Ways to Refocus a Team

Last week it happened… I had a team that completely went off the deep end. I tried my normal ways to draw them back in and it didn’t work. They seemed completely dysfunctional, always resorting back to what each team member thought they should be doing. The team was not functioning as a unit. They were not accomplishing their team task. And, I needed to rethink how to pull back in a team that went off the deep end. Here are some of the things I have begun.

refocustheteamHave you ever had this problem? How did you solve it?