PBL- Let the Class Solve World Problems

Can kids solve real life problems that affect our world? Sure! Why not? Many of you know the 7 sterile steps to PBL. How about adding a little more to the 7 steps? Here are a few ideas about how to solve real-life problems with your class.

Problem Based Learning




Where to purchase poster infographics?

Many have asked if there is a place where they can purchase poster size copies of my infographics. Here they are:



These are all rendered for higher quality.

If you just want a Jpg, they are still in my Dropbox.


Intrinsic Motivation for the Classroom

Bring on the i.

I just finished reading several books about intrinsic motivation. None of the research is new, so why aren’t we incorporating intrinsic motivation into the classroom more?

Here are a few ideas I have on how to add some i to your classroom.

intrinsic motivation


Book to add to the reading list:

Why We Do What We Do by Edward L. Deci


Get into the Flow in your Classrooom

There is an experience that happens in many of my classes…

Students get so enthralled in what they are doing that time disappears and learning transpires. I often wondered how this happened and how to teach other teachers how to experience this. And, then, I read Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


Then, I watched his video:


Then I broke it down for myself. I understand that this does not capture anywhere near the book, but it is filtered through my experience in the classroom.

Here is the most simple breakdown of how we get in the flow in my classes.

Flow Definitions Slide2-2




I have recently been shocked at the fact that educators don’t really see the need for a rubric. They either find them too specific or too vague. But, I am not really sure they are seeing the big picture on this one. Rubrics are great for students and teachers.

Here are a few benefits:


What else would you add? How have they helped you?


Online Discussion Tips.

The online discussion board has received differing reviews. Many believe it is a place that students simply write mini-papers, with little to no feedback. Others believe that it is a true learning tool for online courses.

Here is a simple infographic for both side of the argument.

How do you interact with your students on the discussion board? What would you add?

Online DB Tips