Team Poster

Team Building: This is such a critical step in forming a good group bond. Many students ended up grouping together with similar disciplines. Cyber Island initially attracted IT students and then recruited someone outside their department that would increase their chances of winning the Most Ethical Island. Making a poster was just 1 aspect of team building. They now had an identity.


Grading for Ethics

There are 2 main grading graphs:

The first is the overall course grades broken out. There are a total of 8 assignments for each category a term. Week 9 is final presentation week and counts 25% of the grade. However, if an island gets the most Most Ethical Island Awards, they have demonstrated that they have mastered the learning outcomes and no longer need to take complete the Final.

Here is the Overall grade breakdown:

The second image is how I score the Most Ethical Island Award each week. These points are taken from each individual of the island and pulled together to give the island a possible total of 400 points. This technique has encouraged the islands to stress upon each inhabitant that they NEED to do their work before class and help win the challenges.