The Future of Education- What will it look like

Though I admit that many of you are already doing these things, wouldn’t it be awesome if we all could?


Less Sugar Poster

Challenges: Some challenges require students to post their poster on the wall and groups come around and vote on the posters. The groups are each given a rubric and told, “You  should not vote on your poster.” They usually then ask, “Should not or “Can not?” I then leave it to them to act ethically. Here is a sample poster challenge. We used the Case Study question from


Altruism and Egoism Question Posed

Question Posters: These are placed on the wall in the room at the beginning of each class. The students are asked to vote with a sticky note. Throughout the course they are then asked to go back and reevaluate how they voted once they have more information or from ethical issue to ethical issue.