Crowdsourcing Challenge


Students were asked to find out what people think about Egoism. Do people think they are selfish? Do they think they can be or should be selfish?

Each group asked 50 people. They then presented the information on a poster. Students then voted (with sticky notes) on their favorite.


Business Ethics Final Project

We are coming to the end of my undergraduate business ethics course. I love teaching ethics, but business ethics is always a hard course to teach. This is mostly because the field is split on whether we attempt to create ethical business people or give themthe tools to stand up for ethical behavior. However, the course has gone well and this is the culminating project I am giving them.


Poster Competition!


When my students come to class, they are given a substantial amount of time to solve problems in creative ways… in teams.

This is an example from this week.

This is an introductory ethics course poster challenge. Students learned the ethical theory called Utilitarianism. They brainstormed the theory and then were told to come up with an ethical marketing campaign.

The students then voted on the poster they felt best conveyed the ethical cereal message.

They are pretty awesome!
P.s. the sticky notes are the votes. 1 sticky per person.

Business Ethics Piece

This is a piece of my Business Ethics Curriculum.

The students are reading

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

The first day of class students formed teams and created fictitious companies.

The students must now assume a role in the company and interact with The 5 Dysfunctions book.

8 classroom hours will be spent on the book.

We will use activities from

Babson’s Giving Voice to Values and


as well.

We will then return to other learning strategies.


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Business Ethics, Class 6

Corporate Culture and the Role it plays in Ethics

Part 1:
Research Google, Starbucks, and Cummins

  • What’s their Corporate Culture?
  • How Does CC affect their ethics?

The Company:

  • Create a Corporate Culture
  • Decide how to implement the CC
  • Tie CC to ethics

Business Ethics, Class 5

Research Company CEO’s

  • Christopher Begley of Hospira Inc.
  • Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Tyco

What makes them good or bad ethical leaders?

  • What is their leadership style
  • What are their leadership habits?

The Company’s CEO

  • Find and recruit a CEO for The Company.
  • What makes him/her good or bad ethical leaders?
  • What is their leadership style?
  • What are their leadership habits?