Mentoring New Teachers

I was playing around with the infographic and thinking about life. One thing that keeps coming up in conversations I have is about new teachers. A friend has a new teacher in her classroom doing his student teaching. So, we got on the subject of student teachers and what would make them great teachers. The most common thing teachers (higher ed and K-12) keep saying is that they don’t have a really good mentor. Many feel like they are thrown into the deep end and asked to swim.¬† I guess that is really the issue in ever field, not just education. But, this was a fun infographic with a few things I thought might help. OF COURSE, there is so much more.

Do you like my little creatures?



Digital Citizenship

The more our students are online, the more information they will encounter.

It is important for them not only be able to access this information, but also to be the best digital citizens that they can be.

Here are some ideas. I am sure there are lots and lots more.


Classroom Management

If we are truly honest, a great deal of our time is spent on classroom management.

I recently went into a classroom to do a faculty evaluation. I usually try to blend in and act like a student. I scribble a few notes and then leave early.

After the class, I meet with the faculty.

This particular faculty member was really good. But the one thing I had to say was,

“You need to learn how to better manage your classroom. If you fix that, the rest will fall into place.”

And then I thought, that the one thing any of us need to master is classroom management.

How do we do that?


Greeting Students

Whether you are teaching small children or a returning adult learner, they all need to know you care. How do we engage students from the moment they enter the classroom? Here a few ideas I came up with. What else can we do?