Global Justice Video Example


Less Sugar Poster

Challenges: Some challenges require students to post their poster on the wall and groups come around and vote on the posters. The groups are each given a rubric and told, “You  should not vote on your poster.” They usually then ask, “Should not or “Can not?” I then leave it to them to act ethically. Here is a sample poster challenge. We used the Case Study question from


Altruism and Egoism Question Posed

Question Posters: These are placed on the wall in the room at the beginning of each class. The students are asked to vote with a sticky note. Throughout the course they are then asked to go back and reevaluate how they voted once they have more information or from ethical issue to ethical issue.


Team Poster

Team Building: This is such a critical step in forming a good group bond. Many students ended up grouping together with similar disciplines. Cyber Island initially attracted IT students and then recruited someone outside their department that would increase their chances of winning the Most Ethical Island. Making a poster was just 1 aspect of team building. They now had an identity.