How to Use the Team Building Infographic 

Many of you have used the infographics to enhance a teacher meeting, a workshop, or other educational experience. It’s so much fun to see how the infographics are being used around the world!

Here is how Dr. Chris Cavert uses this infographic in his Illinois (USA) classroom.

Click to access teambuildingcards_behaviors.pdf


How have you used this infographic… Or others?


The Corporate Team in a Contract World


I was recently asked, as part of a team, to help contract workers become a part of an innovative team. There are so many places to start. But our first observation and recommendation was, “you are currently a group and we need to move you into a Team.” How do we do that? Here is where I would START:

1. Read How NASA Builds Teams
2. Read The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
3. Engage in Gamestorming
4. Try new strategies

Yes, this is oversimplified, but it is just a start.

What is conflict and should we encourage it?


The Business Ethics class is reading The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. Today we discussed how to have healthy conflict. Some of the groups’ thoughts on healthy conflict (HC) were:
1. HC helps the team rethink the process
2. HC is about how you speak to each other. Respect must be present.
3. HC is about being a team and working through things together.
4. The goal of HC is to have a better outcome.
5. HC involves coming to the conflict prepared…. Both to possibly be wrong and to have alternatives to solve the conflict.