Flipping an Online Course

Is the concept of flipping possible online? What is the difference between what the MOOC’s are doing and flipping?

I suggest that the flipped classroom expects students to have two phases- 1. information gathering and 2. doing. These can happen in either order. Here are a few ideas to flip the online classroom.


What do you think?


Transforming New Faculty

More and more higher education organizations are using experts from the field to teach college courses. The experts have a passion for their industry and profession. Sometimes this passion does not translate into good teaching. I am working on a new training series that seeks to both identify the issues, describe the players, and train the new faculty experts. This is the overview infographic. The series is also part of a larger training curriculum to transform the learning experience in college classrooms.

Stay tuned for infographics on each of the 10 topics and the training curriculum.


Innovation Lingo

My Innovation management class has been searching, gathering, and cataloging important terms in their innovation class. It has been exciting to see what new videos, products, ideas, and work experiences the students bring to class each week. We are very lucky to have some inspiring innovators among us. Here are a few concepts and terms we have looked at so far.




Great Ideas

There is so much talk about the future of education- what will  it look like, what should we teach, should we teach, should we content curate, should we guide… the topics are endless. But what is common in all these conversations is that students need to be able to think. They need ideas.  What will students do with ideas if they combine them? What will education look like in the future? Will it look like raindrops falling through cyber space filling up our world? Will we be able to contain it?

I really don’t know the answer, but here’s how I envision the future of education…


How do you capture great ideas from your students? What do you do with them?

Stay tuned for ideas filling up the graphic…


Collaboration Online

It’s that time again… the time when collaborating is more fun than going it alone. I love to collaborate. I love presenting papers together with others and seeing the ideas fly!

Here are a few ways you can collaborate online.

Do you like the Bobbleheads? I made them on my new app Bobbleshopcollab


Reflective Practice- Are you Doing it?

Reflective practice occurs when teachers step back and evaluate the learning environment. The teacher looks at himself or herself. They ask, “How can this be better?” They identify what went right or wrong. It occurs both during the learning events and after.