Get into the Flow in your Classrooom

There is an experience that happens in many of my classes…

Students get so enthralled in what they are doing that time disappears and learning transpires. I often wondered how this happened and how to teach other teachers how to experience this. And, then, I read Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


Then, I watched his video:

Then I broke it down for myself. I understand that this does not capture anywhere near the book, but it is filtered through my experience in the classroom.

Here is the most simple breakdown of how we get in the flow in my classes.

Flow Definitions Slide2-2



Great Ideas

There is so much talk about the future of education- what will  it look like, what should we teach, should we teach, should we content curate, should we guide… the topics are endless. But what is common in all these conversations is that students need to be able to think. They need ideas.  What will students do with ideas if they combine them? What will education look like in the future? Will it look like raindrops falling through cyber space filling up our world? Will we be able to contain it?

I really don’t know the answer, but here’s how I envision the future of education…


How do you capture great ideas from your students? What do you do with them?

Stay tuned for ideas filling up the graphic…


Collaboration Online

It’s that time again… the time when collaborating is more fun than going it alone. I love to collaborate. I love presenting papers together with others and seeing the ideas fly!

Here are a few ways you can collaborate online.

Do you like the Bobbleheads? I made them on my new app Bobbleshopcollab


Leadership with the Richmond Paralegal Association

I just completed a Brown Bag Lunch with the Richmond Paralegal Association. We discussed leadership and how we need to be leaders to reach our life/ career goals. We worked through how our boss sees us, how our co-workers see us, and how we see ourselves. We also looked at a few leadership styles and considered when each style might best be utilized.

I had a lot of fun! Hope all who attended had lots of fun, too!

Here’s the infographic we worked from. It’s clickable now.


Thanks for inviting me!

Thanks PartnerJD for lunch!


Playing Around with Go!Animate

Playing around with Go!Animate. I might ask my students to use this one week for a challenge.


Flipping the Classroom Short First+Day+Teaching by mmacmeekin

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Clickable Gagne’

Check out for clickable infographics. I love infographics. Now, I love them even more… Why? Because I can add links in the infographic. Check it out!



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