I have recently been shocked at the fact that educators don’t really see the need for a rubric. They either find them too specific or too vague. But, I am not really sure they are seeing the big picture on this one. Rubrics are great for students and teachers.

Here are a few benefits:


What else would you add? How have they helped you?


Flipping an Online Course

Is the concept of flipping possible online? What is the difference between what the MOOC’s are doing and flipping?

I suggest that the flipped classroom expects students to have two phases- 1. information gathering and 2. doing. These can happen in either order. Here are a few ideas to flip the online classroom.


What do you think?


More on Training Students to Go Online

I came across this video (via my husband) and it hits on one of the points I had in my Preparing Students For Online Courses.

It’s about the art of communicating on camera. It is something I have had to learn. And this video is a great intro into the world of online communication.

Video By Daniel Burrus


Digital Citizenship

The more our students are online, the more information they will encounter.

It is important for them not only be able to access this information, but also to be the best digital citizens that they can be.

Here are some ideas. I am sure there are lots and lots more.