16 thoughts on “Happy Digital Citizenship Week

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  2. My cousin-in-law teaches a digital citizenship class. Here is a link to her student’s blogs where they have researched and written about various topics.


    Her information shared on her facebook page:
    Friends, it’s that time again. Our first trimester 9th graders are in the midst of publishing their posts to our class blog. This time around they tackled rape culture, dress codes, texting and driving, social media fundraising, smart phone addiction, the complications of copyrighted images, body image and eating disorders, homophobia online, video games and violence, gender stereotypes in the media, multitasking, the NSA, digital security, hashtag activism, headphones and your hearing, and discrimination in the criminal justice system. Wow! I’m so proud of them. Some posts are online today, and more will be published tomorrow. If you have any time, please visit our blog and leave a comment for them. Knowing that real people read their work is the best part of this process, and they truly get to know what it means to be a “published author on the internet” while they practice the art of civil discourse online. It’s my favorite part of the project. Lend your voice to the discussion if you are so inclined!

    Jennifer Stegeman, M. Ed
    Master Teacher
    email: jstegeman@wava.org
    [07-08 WAVA 002]
    *Effort Creates Ability * Communicate, Collaborate, Celebrate * Make Each Day Meaningful*

    Confidential Student Information: The information contained in this e-mail message may be privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Federal regulations require that if you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you believe that you have received this e-mail message in error, please notify the sender via e-mail or telephone at 253-964-1068.

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  13. Hi Mia

    My name is Catherine Tuckwell and I am currently completing my dissertation at Bournemouth University. As part of my dissertation I am doing a workshop for Parents at a School and was wondering if I have permission to use the digital citizen poster image . I will of course reference the image.

    I was also looking to use it on my Blog which I am creating, once again I will reference this.

    Is that ok?

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