Let the Students Set the Rules

Is this a crazy idea? I have found it very effective. I usually spend a substantial amount of time the first class creating rules with the class. It starts the students thinking , bonding, and taking responsibility for their own education. I love it.


How Do You Encourage Creativity?

Is creativity still alive in our students? What role do we need to play to encourage creativity?

It seems like creativity is still in my students, but buried deep inside waiting for an opportunity to escape. It takes time to get it to the surface and then out to share. But as we allow time for ingenuity, they rise to the occasion.

With the advent and push for more technology use in the classroom is there still a place for creativity?

I believe so.

How do you inspire creativity in your students?


Early Finishers and What To Do…

Sometimes students finish their work early. Now what? Here are a few ideas…


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Knowing Your Story

Knowing your story and those stories around you is so helpful in education. We are always telling our students to read the textbook or read some unrelated stuff. But we can’t forget that there are people around us that have lived the history we read about. This became even more apparent to me this weekend when I read a book my grandfather just finished writing about my grandmother’s life.


This book was about how my grandmother made it through the Great Depression, life at home with 10 children (1 adopted son is a Catholic priest missing and presumed dead in Sudan), the changes in the Catholic Church, and several other historical events.

There was so much information I never knew… Like she was in several movies, first as a Meglin Kiddie dancer, then on her own. (Midsummer’s Night Dream scene below.) These movies helped supplement the family during the Great Depression (a time when they lost all their investments).

It reminds me how rich our lives are from the people around us. And, how much we can learn from primary sources.