Mentoring New Teachers

I was playing around with the infographic and thinking about life. One thing that keeps coming up in conversations I have is about new teachers. A friend has a new teacher in her classroom doing his student teaching. So, we got on the subject of student teachers and what would make them great teachers. The most common thing teachers (higher ed and K-12) keep saying is that they don’t have a really good mentor. Many feel like they are thrown into the deep end and asked to swim.  I guess that is really the issue in ever field, not just education. But, this was a fun infographic with a few things I thought might help. OF COURSE, there is so much more.

Do you like my little creatures?




14 thoughts on “Mentoring New Teachers

  1. Your little monsters are cute and scary all at the same time! Your content is brilliant as always Mia! Love the insight and sharing the info might get some people thinking about being a mentor or asking for one. Thanks, Maria

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    • Dropbox switched the “public” folder where I had them for everyone to download. I need to find a new home for them. Email me which ones you want, and I can email them…

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